Pomellato Builds on the Popularity of Its Nudo Rings

Pomellato’s iconic Nudo ring has been a runaway bestseller for the Italian fine jewelry brand and is a cult favorite of luxury jewelry consumers.

Nudo, “nude” in Italian, refers to the collections’ prong-free setting, which showcases every angle but the bottom of a gemstone, revealing what Pomellato calls the stones’ “naked splendor.” During Las Vegas Jewelry Week last month, the brand revealed that it’s building on the popularity of its Nudo collections beyond the classic solitaire-style ring.

Pomellato Nudo sautoir
Pomellato Nudo sautoir

New for 2019 is a Nudo sautoir (see above) that can be worn in three different ways: as a classic sautoir, a lariat pendant, or a double-wrap necklace. Its cerulean stones feature the Clessidra double-face cut (clessidra is Italian for “hourglass”), which “leaves the gem more preciously nude than ever before.” (Pomellato artisans hand-cut 57 facets on both the top and bottom of the gemstone to amplify its light-capturing abilities, and gems are left to dangle loose and tridimensional.)

The rose-gold sautoir alternates with single or double chains between its seven stones, with a double-shank enclosure. It’s available in three versions—with mother-of-pearl and white topaz, sky blue topaz, or obsidian. And like the ring that inspired it, it boasts a certain timelessness.

Pomellato obsidian Nudo rings
Pomellato obsidian Nudo rings

Of course there are new Nudo ring styles, too—including a design set with dark, smoky obsidian (available in petite, classic, or maxi-size) on a rose-gold shank and titanium cullet, surrounded by black diamonds on its band (pictured above).

And there’s the stunning Nudo Deep Blue ring collection, a new series featuring three atypical stone combinations: sky blue topaz with agate, London blue topaz with lapis, and London blue topaz with turquoise (see top and below). According to company literature, the collection was “inspired by the infinite blue hues of the Mediterranean” and “pays tribute to Italy’s iconic coastline.” Truly, they’re sumptuous summertime jewels!

Pomellato Nudo rings blue
Pomellato Deep Blue collection Nudo rings 

(All photos courtesy of Pomellato)

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