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The Jewelry District, Episode 52: Thoughts From The JCK Show


You’ll hear JCK editor-in-chief Victoria Gomelsky and news director Rob Bates talk about their impressions of the JCK Show. You’ll also hear some attendee interviews and presentation clips, all recorded live from the show floor.

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Show Notes
00:30 Rob and Victoria chat about their experiences at the JCK Show.
07:40 Victoria talks with with Douglas Mays, U.S. sales director of Wild & Petsch.
10:17 Eddie LeVian talks with Victoria about Le Vian’s 2022 trend forecast.
12:20 Victoria speaks with Greenland Ruby’s chief commercial officer, Hayley Henning.
15:20 Rob speaks with John Kennedy, president Jewelers’ Security Alliance, and Victoria talks with Rebecca Foerster, president of Alrosa USA.
19:53 Rob and Victoria discuss the highlights of the De Beers’ keynote.
23:45 Listen to the De Beers keynote.

Episode Credits
Hosts: Rob Bates and Victoria Gomelsky
Producer and engineer: Natalie Chomet

Show Recap

How Was the Show?

Victoria and Rob have returned from Las Vegas, and Vic says the trip was “bewildering.” The show kicked off on Aug. 24 and ended Aug. 30, and the days were packed with hot weather and events galore. Toward the end of the show, Victoria walked around and asked people how their experience was, and she reports that many told her this was their best show ever.

Douglas Mays

Victoria and Rob spoke to many attendees on the show floor, and this section begins with a talk recorded live at the Gems Pavilion with Douglas Mays, U.S. sales director of Wild & Petsch. He’s in the colored-stones business. Douglas says that people are extremely excited to be back in business and talk face-to-face. Victoria asks him if people are looking for anything in particular in the colored-stones world, and he says the top stones always sell.

Eddie LeVian

Victoria picks up the next conversation on the Luxury show floor with Eddie LeVian, in which they talk about Le Vian’s 2022 trend forecast. Eddie says the big forecast is that there are certain sentiments, feelings, and characteristics in people that are driving trends in jewelry sales. The biggest feelings behind those trends are positivity, love, and resilience; others noted are authenticity, wisdom, obsession, and statement. For example, the color yellow can symbolize positivity in jewelry with elements such as yellow diamonds and honey gold.

Hayley Henning 

Still on the Luxury show floor, Victoria meets up with Greenland Ruby’s chief commercial officer, Hayley Henning. Hayley is happy to be back and talk about the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland. Greenland Ruby has been mining these gems for the past few years, and each stone is tracked and traced until it reaches the hands of the retailer, complete with a certificate of origin. Hayley adds that despite the industry being more conservative in its willingness to move online, its digitalization is here.

John Kennedy and Rebecca Foerster

Rob speaks with John Kennedy, the longtime president of Jewelers’ Security Alliance. This is John’s 30th in-person show, and he’s amazed by the large crowds. Rob asks him about his thoughts about the COVID-19 safety protocols at the show. Victoria talks with Rebecca Foerster, president of Alrosa USA. Rebecca talks about her natural diamond booth. Victoria then asks her about sales in the jewelry industry, and why they seem to be so high right now.

Thoughts on the De Beers Keynote

Victoria talks to Rob about the De Beers keynote. For a long time, De Beers has viewed its name as an asset: an iconic brand with value for consumers. Because of that, the company is now going all in with its marketing, and it’s introducing a tracking system that lets retailers sell their diamonds as coming from De Beers. Rob questions if there is power behind the De Beers name and if customers will buy into it this new marketing tactic. Victoria then relays a conversation she had with Stephen Lussier and David Prager of De Beers about marketing campaigns. The two believe that people want to show off their social values and commitment to sustainability as a new kind of status symbol.

The De Beers Keynote

In this section, you can hear the De Beers keynote for yourself. The speech covers the topics Rob and Victoria mentioned above; it also describes a recent partnership the company embarked on with National Geographic.

(Photograph by Camilla Sjodin)


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