The Jewelry District, Episode 23: Guest Oliver Smith

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In this edition of The Jewelry District, you’ll hear JCK editor-in-chief Victoria Gomelsky and news director Rob Bates interview Oliver Smith, owner of Oliver Smith Jeweler in Scottsdale, Ariz. He discusses the changes he’s made to his online presence that have helped his business during COVID-19. You’ll also hear that how he recently opened up a new store in Aspen, Colo.

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Show Notes
00:30 Introducing Oliver Smith, owner of Oliver Smith Jeweler
06:58 Victoria asks about watches; Rob asks about jewelry
11:30 Victoria asks about the Zoom auctions that Oliver has been running
15:35 Oliver discusses the chat function he’s implemented on his website
17:47 Oliver talks about opening up a new store during COVID-19

Episode Credits
Hosts: Rob Bates and Victoria Gomelsky
Editor: Olivia Briley
Producer and engineer: Katey Clifford and Kathy Passero

Show Recap

Introducing Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith is the owner of Oliver Smith Jeweler based in Scottsdale, Ariz. He’s been in the jewelry business since 1981 and talks about his experience, from his start outside of Philadelphia to California to opening his store in Arizona. Oliver opened up a second location in Aspen, Colo., over the July 4th weekend. He covers what’s going on in Arizona due to COVID and how they’ve been running their store despite the back and forth on reopenings in the state.

Watches, Jewelry, and “Cars and Cigars”
Victoria asks Oliver about his start in watches, the survival of the Swiss watch, and its impact on his business. Oliver expresses his love for the aesthetics of the jewelry industry and how it keeps him going. He recounts a heartwarming story about the origins of “Cars and Cigars,” which originally started as one client coming to pick up jewelry one Sunday before Christmas, and has evolved into a shopping event where his clients come to the store on the last Sunday before Christmas to shop, talk cars, and, of course, have a cigar.

Making the Most of Zoom Auctions
Oliver explains how he uses Zoom to interact with his clients and sell jewelry. In order to keep his business booming during this time, he sends out an auction invite to all of his clients, and they join him for a live auction over Zoom. He’s been using this platform to sell jewelry that he wasn’t selling otherwise, and now this has become a regular way for him to sell jewelry. You’ll also hear him give advice about how he does it and what he’d do differently in doing it again.

Keeping Your Clients Engaged
Podium offers a chat function that retailers can add to their website so clients can ask questions and get fast answers even when you aren’t in-store. Oliver explains how he has implemented this function on his site and has one of his employees, Ryan, manning the chat. This allows him to complete transactions with people he never would have been able to otherwise.

Opening a New Store
Despite the difficult times most everyone has been facing during the pandemic, Oliver continued with his plan to open up a second location. He took over the building two years ago, which has 1,400 square feet over two floors. Rob asks Oliver if he has learned anything, and Oliver explains how you have to be able to quickly adapt with the changing times to stay afloat.

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