Guests of Plumb Club at JCK Las Vegas to Sing Along to Sting

JCK Las Vegas has announced that guests of the Plumb Club will receive special access to Las Vegas’ newest and much-anticipated artist in residence: Sting.

The new show, Sting: My Songs, will delight guests with the 17-time Grammy Award–winning songwriter and performer’s biggest hits, such as “Every Breath You Take,” “Roxanne,” “Fields of Gold,” and “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You,” to name only a few.

Sting’s new album, My Songs, due out May 24, is a reimagining of 15 of his biggest hits, both from his work with the Police and as a solo artist. “I’m constantly tinkering, and I’m always wanting to make the songs as contemporary as they can possibly be, because I think they are good songs,” the artist told Billboard. “Sometimes songs are identified by the technology they were recorded with—recording techniques, the sound of synthesizers or the drum sound. They all date a song, so we just want to re-contemporize the stuff.”

Guests have just enough time to familiarize themselves with the newly revitalized song list before taking in the live show on June 3, at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The show will be preceded by a gala preshow reception for guests.

This event is by invitation only, so interested guests are asked to contact their Plumb Club suppliers. To learn more about this and other events, visit, and visit for more on the upcoming show.

(Image of Sting courtesy of the Plumb Club)

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