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Do You Love This Playful Sticker-Inspired Jewelry? Check Yes, No, Or Maybe


There are some symbols that span years, generations, and geography. And if you were a kid in the 1980s or 1990s, a sticker book is likely one of those symbols, reminding you of childhood, friendships, and a scratch-and-sniff sticker that smelled like root beer.

Those were the inspirations for Berlin-based fine jewelry designer Alina Abegg, whose new collection, called Stuck on You, takes something of the past—Gen X stick-on earrings and pop music—and adds the designer’s own signature touches of nostalgia and joyful shapes.

Stuck on You includes rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants exquisitely made with gold, glittery enamel, and gemstones in vibrant colors, including amethyst, chalcedony, and chrysoprase. Even its packaging is fun: It comes with real stick-on earrings. Pieces range in price from $385 to $3,000.

Alina Abegg sticker necklace
Pastels are back, baby, with Alina Abegg’s playful Mini Sticker necklace, made in 14k gold and featuring her signature triangle, circle, love, and luna shapes made from glitter enamel, €1,950 ($2,055).

“As a jewelry designer, I am motivated to make my clients feel happy, to create bold pieces that spark a sense of playfulness for them and act as little reminders that every day is worth celebrating,” Abegg says via an email interview. “To do this, I gather inspiration by tapping into nostalgia, traveling back to the past to rediscover forgotten treasures, and then updating and elevating them to our times through bold design choices.”

This isn’t her first foray into timeless shapes and iconic era imagery. Her Cosmic collection came from her idea to revive the beloved plastic alien rings of her childhood in the ’90s and iconic space vehicles from vintage sci-fi films. Her second collection, Sugar High, features a selection of candy-inspired pieces sprinkled with geometric designs.

Abegg says she recalls memories of sticker books with a mix of curiosity and fondness. Stickers like those were indeed the inspiration behind Stuck on You, in which she transforms some of her all-time favorite sticker shapes into jewelry.

Alina Abegg sticker ring
Even if you failed geometry (cough, cough), you may fall in love with this geometric Triangle Sticker ring in 14k gold and peridot, €570 ($601).

“I remember them being a thing back in primary school—we would all bring our sticker books to school, go over each other’s collection, and exchange them among each other,” Abegg says.

But that inexpensive children’s toy of stickers, or the entry-level accessory of stick-on earrings, didn’t limit her ideas or choice of materials for Stuck on You.

“I believe that beautiful design and serious craftsmanship can and should go hand in hand,” Abegg says. “Ideally, I would like my clients to keep their jewelry pieces forever and pass them on to the future generation, which you can only achieve if the quality of the product is high.”

Having high standards is a key ethos of her jewelry, Abegg says.

Alina Abegg sticker ear chain
Ideal to grab attention when you walk into a room, Alina Abegg’s Sticker Chain earrings are set on a 14k gold chain and feature glittering enamel shapes, €1,420 ($1,496).

“When I first started my brand, I was shocked by the low ethical standards and enormous environmental footprint of the jewelry industry. While I knew I couldn’t take the industry head-on, I knew I could start with the way I choose to build my brand and business, as well as my own personal consumption habits. Fast-forward and behind each piece I create, there are numerous efforts to be more sustainable,” Abegg says.

For example, throughout all of her collections she only uses recycled gold, working with a partner who recovers gold from secondary materials following standards around sustainable special metal recycling. All diamonds featured across the collections are ethically sourced from a diamond dealer who works only with conflict-free diamonds.

“I work locally, with all the pieces in my collections handcrafted in Germany. Stones are sourced and carved in Idar-Oberstein and pieces are made in Pforzheim, also known as the Golden City, a place that looks back on a long tradition of jewelry-making,” Abegg says.

Top: Alina Abegg’s Stuck on You collection includes bold colors such as these Love Sticker studs, which are handcrafted in 14k rose gold and feature chrysoprase cabochons, €1,300 ($1,370). (All photos courtesy of Alina Abegg) 

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