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The Latest Platinum Jewels For Solid Holiday Sales


For engagement rings and wedding bands, platinum is a popular choice. It’s easy to see why: It’s strong and durable, never fades or changes color like white gold might, and it makes a diamond shine like no other.

But not everyone is in the market for an engagement ring, and the notion of platinum in any other category can feel intimidating. Weighty and gorgeous, the metal is respected for its durability and luxurious demeanor, but in some cases, feared for its price tag.

“Price is always an interesting question when it comes to platinum. The reason why platinum jewelry may cost a bit more up front is a factor of its density and significantly higher purity, especially when compared to 14k gold. 14k gold jewelry is 58.5% gold, compared to platinum jewelry, which is typically 95% platinum,” says Kevin Reilly, senior vice president of Platinum Guild International (PGI) USA. “This high level of purity gives a platinum ring its luxurious feel when worn. Over time, however, platinum will usually cost less than a comparable white gold ring because of its superior wear resistance (no metal is lost as a result of normal wear), naturally white color (white gold must be replated often to retain its color), and the fact that nothing holds a diamond or gemstone more securely. Higher cost up front—maybe. Lower cost over time—almost definitely!”

While that statement offers quite a compelling argument as far as pricing is concerned, how does a retailer convince its customers, who have for so long been seeking yellow gold, to pivot to platinum?

For starters—the assortment below offers a captivating look at platinum set with diamonds, colored gemstones, and pearls, all equally at home in the satiny metal. And for all that yellow gold consumers have been stocking up on? A pretty good pairing with platinum, and it just so happens the two-tone look is on the rise.

Below are some of the newest styles in platinum perfect for the ultimate luxury holiday purchases.

Or and Elle platinum earrings
Earrings in platinum with lab-grown diamonds, price on request; Or & Elle
Ellis Cameron platinum band
Band in platinum with cognac, champagne, and rough diamonds, £2,995 ($3,490); Ellis Mhairi Cameron
Rahaminov diamond necklace
Necklace in platinum with diamonds, price on request; Rahaminov
Alison Nagasue climber earrings
Reverse climber earrings in platinum with diamonds, price on request; Alison Nagasue
Assael platinum tanzanite ring
Ring in platinum with 8.23 cts. t.w. tanzanite and 4 mm–4.5 mm akoya cultured pearls, $29,000; Assael
Platinum Born Enchant necklace
The Enchant necklace in platinum, $7,100; Platinum Born
Kwiat platinum diamond earrings
Earrings in platinum with diamonds, $14,100; Kwiat

Top: Light Halo necklace in platinum with diamonds, price on request; Renisis

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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