Plan to Build Buyer Confidence Now for the Holidays

Even before the economy took a downward spiral, there were signs of consumer fatigue. Today there are so many  people that feel caught up in a lifestyle of emotional disillusionment and doubt. Consumers everywhere are longing for a more simplified approach to things . . . a desire to return to times when their lives just seemed to be a bit simpler and more satisfying. People are realizing that the breakneck speed of their current lifestyle has taken over and there is no return. The world now operates with incredible speed and it has changed so many lives forever and left people feeling they have less time to do more and more things that mean less and less to them. This is leaving luxury, fashion, accessories and jewelry customers feeling unconnected and even disenfranchised.
With the holidays and key purchasing period for jewelry just around the corner what has your brand done to better connect with customers? Take a look at the collective mindset of your targeted customers and evaluate their attitudes towards spending during the upcoming holidays. Confirm what sort of products and price ranges they are feeling most comfortable with. Understand now what sort of shopping experiences will enable your returning customers and prospective customers to make jewelry purchases during this holiday shopping season. Everything seems to speed up around the holidays. How can your store provide a more relaxed and casual approach to holiday shopping?
Don’t wait . . . review your current branding strategies and sales promotions. Wherever possible, try to integrate more personal contact and don’t just rely on advertising media to carry your message. Be sensitive to the value-oriented consumer of this economy and plan now to prepare your staff to best meet their expectations. Your reward will be more sales made to customers who exhibit more buyer confidence. Customized offerings made to individual customers with the right quality, design, style and price range will be well received and will build buyer confidence and enable shoppers to commit to jewelry purchases.