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Pinterest’s Female-Forward Trends Support Strength of the Self-Purchaser


For International Women’s Day, which occurred on March 8, Pinterest released a short report on female-forward trends, with data on how women were using Pinterest and what their interests were.

While some of the top search terms won’t be too helpful to jewelers everywhere (“how to heal yourself” and “breaking generational cycles,” for example), many insights demonstrate how women are striving to empower themselves, break societal norms and stereotypes, and explore their independence—all signaling a switch-up in the way jewelry is marketed and sold.

There has been a transition over the past several years from the notion that women need men to buy them jewelry to acknowledging women as independent purchasers. But recent societal shifts demand even more change, like removing the expectations of what type or style of jewelry defines a woman (genderless collections are doing a great job of blurring these lines) and dedicating as much celebration to self-purchases as engagement rings and wedding jewelry transactions receive.

“Self date aesthetic” ranked among the top searches by Pinterest, supporting this idea of dressing for and celebrating oneself. Jewelry has a big part to play here, whether for fashion or sentimental purposes, or both. On the fashion side of things, “femme fatale outfit” saw a major jump in searches, an invite to embrace one’s inner villain. What that looks like in jewelry is for the eye of the beholder, but if it’s bold and seductive, it’s probably right on the money.

Other search data shows age ain’t nothing but a number: Terms like “older couple engagement photos,” “older bride dresses over 50 bohemian,” and “older women tattoos over 50” all saw major increases, according to Pinterest. While this shows a certain sense of self among all generations, it might also suggest a customer with higher spending power in the wedding category—as older women get engaged or married (whether for the first time or a subsequent time), many are doing so with larger budgets than their younger counterparts. This ushers in an opportunity for jewelers to go bigger with their offerings, and it serves as a reminder that no one age group should be singled out for a certain category of product.

You can read Pinterest’s report in its entirety here.

(Photo: Pinterest)

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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