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Pinterest Research Shows Power of Positivity


Pinterest recently issued a report about the platform’s research on positivity and how it affects consumers’ path to purchases.

The study, which Pinterest commissioned Morning Consult to conduct in December 2022, builds on a survey originally conducted in 2020.

According to the research, a majority (56%) of adult consumers said they’re more likely to remember the brands they encounter online when they feel they’re in a positive online environment. Furthermore, 59% said they’re more likely to feel positive about the brands they encounter online when in a positive space, 56% trust the brands, and 54% say they would ultimately make a purchase from them.

“People come to Pinterest at key stages and moments in their lives, giving brands and advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with them when it matters most,” said JJ Hirschle, Pinterest’s head of U.S. partnerships. “The research shows that positivity is a key driver for action, so Pinterest sets the bar high for advertisers as a platform that will benefit both their audiences and bottom line.”

What does this look like for advertisers and brands online? For starters, it’s making the safety and security of their users a priority—ensuring the online environment is free from the toxicity that has become unfortunately common throughout so many social media channels. According to the research, two-thirds of U.S. adults believe that brands are responsible for advertising in positive spaces and should be held accountable for where they place ads.

Pinterest says it is a positive place for users—its research indicates that 78% of weekly Pinners feel positive after interacting with Pinterest—but maintaining a positive space is a tricky balance elsewhere. Young consumers look to align themselves with brands that share their values and often take stands against what they see as wrong—and that comes with a lot of heat from those who disagree. We all know what this looks like: vitriol from opponents, who can quickly make a brand’s page anything but a positive place in the comments section.

While maintaining a supportive, positive environment on Pinterest is a good idea, to cultivate an environment that feels safe and welcoming for customers on other platforms like Instagram, a brand must do so with authenticity and transparency.

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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