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Pinterest’s Top Halloween Costumes for 2022 (and How Jewelers Can Use Them)


It’s October, and even though Halloween comes on the very last day of the month, it is no doubt the headliner.

With that in mind, Pinterest released its Top 10 Halloween costume predictions on Sept. 30, with information based on the platform’s internal search data.

How does this help jewelers? It’s probable that the average customer won’t be coming in to make a fine jewelry purchase based solely on their Halloween costume, unless they have a very healthy budget to do so. But some of these costume ideas warrant some pretty classic jewelry choices, meaning that customers might be inclined to purchase them to theme—and wear them long afterward.

But it’s not really just about buying jewelry, at least not in the short term. It’s more likely that a retailer’s creative uses on social media will draw the attention of current and potential buyers, giving everyone some enjoyable Halloween fun while cultivating a roster of future shoppers.

Create a layout of potential jewelry options you have in-store for any of these costumes. Have your employees dress up and film some TikToks or Reels while showing your jewelry offerings in the process. Garner engagement by asking people to vote on their favorite costumes, or ask them to submit their photos to enter into your store’s own costume contest. Surely there are even more ways a store can use this information to engage with fellow social media users, so get creating!

Below are Pinterest’s top Halloween costumes for 2022.

Searches for “Stranger Things costume ideas” increased a reported 22 times according to Pinterest, so think anything 1980s. The Casio watch is the low- hanging fruit here, as the kids don’t wear a ton of jewelry in the show. But why not offer a grown-up interpretation of the Stranger Things season 4 crew? Rock ‘n’ roll–inspired jewels for metalhead Eddie Munson, California- cool jewels in the style of stoner pizza delivery boy Argyle, campy arts-and- crafts–style jewels (which were recently a big trend anyway) inspired by Eleven’s unforgettable wardrobe. The list goes on!

Next up is Elvis and Priscilla Presley, no doubt inspired by the recent Baz Luhrmann film on the superstar’s life. According to Pinterest, searches for the Presleys increased 19 times since this time last year. Elvis was famous for his rings, often worn on his pinky and often adorned with diamonds in a signet style, while Priscilla, who actually launched her own jewelry collection for QVC in 2011, was portrayed with very little jewelry in the film, save for her engagement ring.

Also trending are Avril Lavigne and Harley Quinn, which have quite a few similarities, if you think about it—both evoke a sort of punk rock, rebel vibe. Here’s where your nameplate necklaces, chokers, and neon-color enamel come in handy.

Finally, your best shot at featuring your lost up-to-date jewelry styles comes with these in-demand costumes: Anna Delvey, the con artist made pop culture phenomenon by Netflix’s Inventing Anna; and characters from HBO’s Euphoria, Maddy and Cassie. For the former, look to the film’s wardrobe for key statement pieces, such as these earrings by Alexis Bittar and other similar styles. For the latter, look for petite charm necklaces and personalized styles with a subtle, buildable aesthetic in gold to evoke Cassie; and similar but bolder styles for Maddy, such as chunky hoop earrings and nameplates, in both silver and gold.

Other trending costumes according to Pinterest include American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman, Top Gun (dog tag necklaces?), and Lord of the Rings, as well as the adorable Dani from 1993’s original Hocus Pocus film, who doesn’t really wear jewelry, but if she did, it would probably look something like dangling witch hat earrings from Claire’s. Possibilities run wild.

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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