Pinterest Board of the Week: Goshwara’s Amethyst Moment

In the spirit of February, I searched Pinterest for a great example of how brands are showcasing the gemstone of the month: amethyst. Combining a smart mix of its designer jewels with images of rich purple fashion, florals, and everyday household necessities (I kind of want some purple teacups now), Goshwara has curated a fabulously luscious world of purple, for February babies and lovers of the hue alike. Pin-tabulous!

Goshwara amethyst Pinterest

Speaking of Goshwara, take a look at some of its other amethyst creations. Click each image for more information.

Goshwara amethyst lantern necklace


Goshwara Mischief tassel pendant

Goshwara amethyst Freedom necklace


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