Pinterest Board of the Week: DeLatori’s Blush

Fine-jewelry brand DeLatori’s very first Pinterest board in its lineup of 14 caught my eye with its warm, rosy hues and crisp, clear images of jewelry, fashion, and even makeup! The brand mixes it up with its own products: rings, earrings, and pendants in rose, or Blush Gold, as it is labeled, set with light stones like rose quartz and clear crystal, and images of lacy, ethereal ensembles in rosy nude hues. What the board lacks in number of pins, it makes up for in the beauty and quality of each and every image. This is one I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on to watch it grow. If you have a rose-gold board or anything of the sort, you’ll want to follow it for inspiration, too.

DeLatori Blush Pinterest board

Speaking of rose-gold inspiration, how about a few pin-worthy jewels?

Royal Asscher Shining Stars ring

Royal Asscher Shining Stars Sun ring


Eichorn rose quartz earrings

Eichhorn rose quartz drop earrings


Rahaminov rose-cut diamond lavalier

Rahaminov rose-cut diamond lavalier


DeLatori rose quartz ring

DeLatori rose quartz and crystal ring


Zen Diamond rose gold letter ring

Zen Diamond rose gold letter ring


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