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Pink Pearls Are Having a Moment Thanks to ‘Barbie’


Ever since Margot Robbie wore a three-strand Assael pearl choker to the U.K. premiere of the Barbie movie, pearls have been on our collective minds. And with Barbie becoming such a big box office hit, pink seems to be the “it” color of the season.

Put pink and pearls together, and you have a standout jewel. Three jewelry designers stepped up to chat about why pink pearls are particularly fetching right now, why pearls are always in fashion, and where they see pearls trending in the months and years to come.

Some jewelers call the pearl the world’s most colorful gem because it comes in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. While white is the most common color, pink and lavender pearls with their subtle pastel colors are available mostly in freshwater varieties. Akoya pearls also may appear to have a pinkish hue that is like a fine rose overtone.

Matara Sweet Candy Necklace
Matara brought subtle shades of pink to its Sweet Candy necklace ($358). (Photo courtesy of Matara)

Founder Jin Jungsura says pink is always an appealing color for consumers, as it is associated with femininity, youthfulness, and romance. Plus, pink evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, and happiness, which may be why we collectively gravitate to this color in today’s stressful world.

“Pink pearls, like any other colored pearls, have a unique and captivating appeal for consumers. Natural pink pearls are quite rare, and their distinct hue sets them apart from traditional white pearls,” Jungsura says. “The pink color adds a touch of elegance, making them particularly sought after by those looking for something different and eye-catching.”

Jungsura says Matara uses pink pearls in its jewelry because the color holds significance in many cultures, allowing the wearer to select the mood and meaning behind what they choose to wear.

“One of the must-have pieces from Matara has to be [our] ombre pink pearl necklace. It is a breathtaking piece of jewelry that combines elegance and style effortlessly,” Jungsura says. “Each meticulously chosen pearl, ranging in shades from soft blush to magenta, has been carefully strung together to create a mesmerizing gradient effect.”

The Pearl Source
Cultured pink pearls like these 8 mm pearl stud earrings from the Pearl Source ($129) add a warm hue to any skin tone. (Photo courtesy of the Pearl Source)

The Pearl Source
Creative director Carla Jonas says the Pearl Source’s cultured pink pearls are sourced from freshwater environments, specifically the freshwater pearl mussel.

“They can be nucleated multiple times—this means that they come in a unique range of shapes, from soft blush to pink lavender, silvery pink, true pink, and rose,” Jonas says. “Both for our brand and our customers, pink pearls convey femininity and grace.”

Robbie’s pink-carpet style and the Barbie movie’s embrace of pink definitely boosted the appeal of pink pearls, Jonas says. She calls pearls a true classic that also can feel edgy or eclectic, depending on the jeweler and the way it is now being mixed with chains.

“This increased visibility played a key role in reviving the popularity of pink pearls, especially among younger demographics, leading to a notable 20% rise in pink pearl inquiries,” Jonas says. “However, the most significant surge in the popularity of pink pearls is consistently observed just before Valentine’s Day, a trend that has remained.”


Gisel B Angie hoops
Pink pearls in a gentle array of shades are what make these Angie hoop earrings ($128) a must-have for any jewelry collection, says Gisel B. founder Clémence Masson. (Photo courtesy of Gisel B.)

Gisel B.
Founder Clémence Masson says her French jewelry brand works mostly with cultured pearls, making them chic and on trend. Pearls generally are timeless, Masson says, but her brand puts a twist on tradition with how they style pearls of all colors, especially pink.

“With the Barbie movie, the pink pearl is in the spotlight,” Masson says. “It’s our little Barbie Girl touch.… Pink cultured pearls are sublime. They have a natural shine that makes them special. And they go very well with gold. Pink gives a little fantasy. All of our jewelry models can be available in pink pearls.”

Masson says she sees more people, especially men, looking to cultured pearls to create custom jewelry looks that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

“It’s a great material to work with. Each pearl is different because it is natural,” Masson says. “So each piece of jewelry is unique. In our workshop we select the pearls with great care. We have white and pink pearl jewelry, but also midnight blue, which is very chic for a man.”

Top: Pink pearls are gaining new fans, and online searches are up, thanks to the Barbie movie. (Photo courtesy of the Pearl Source)

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