Pineapple Expression: Jewels to Pair With Summer’s Biggest Fashion Trend

Omi Prive tsavorite and yellow diamond flame pendant

Omi Privé

If a surprising amount of fashion blogs, editorials, and for-sale fashions are to be believed, the “it” thing this summer appears to be the pineapple. How a tropical fruit can drive so much insanity is beyond me, but hey, I’m into it. I mean, what’s not to love about the fact that even the image of a pineapple can evoke feelings of a tropical paradise, while the taste is enough to send your taste buds into vacation mode? (The enzymes may cause some people’s mouths to burn like crazy, but it’s worth it, right?) So as I delighted in some online shopping of cheapy pineapple tank tops and pajama shorts, I was thinking, how is this relevant to the jewelry industry? Sure, there are probably some cuter-than-cute pineapple pendants out there, maybe even some mega-luxury pieces designed with yellow diamonds and tsavorites, but how can the average retailer get in on this now? Two ways: creating in-store displays and assuming all of your customers are pineapple-crazy and suggesting that they purchase some pieces that will match their new wardrobe filled with tropical fruit. Er—maybe the former?

Thistle & Bee Etoiles citrine ring

Thistle & Bee


Michael John Jewelry quartz and tsavorite ring

Michael John Jewelry

It’s summertime, and hopefully you as a retailer have a fresh stock of jewels, a showcase of brand- new arrivals beaming from the front of the store. But if you’re looking to create a fun display for the season, start with its current icon: the pineapple. I, for one, admit that I’m a sucker for packaging. I get a kick out of a fun display, advertisement, or container. I know this won’t be for everyone. Many stores opt for a more streamlined, high-end look and steer clear of the kitsch. If you’re one of those, consider a special display for a one-night-only summer soiree. This doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture, just an ode to summer that sheds a new light on the way some of your jewels are viewed. A simple citrine pendant? No, it’s a juicy slice of sunshine! Note: If you are opting to do a seasonal display, consider using wax fruit, lest you want your jewels with a side of fruit flies.

Cydonia & Co. carved lemon quartz ring

Cydonia & Co.

 Henderson Collection by Lecil Rainbow collection bracelet

Henderson Collection by Lecil

In the spirit of the pineapple’s juicy golden yellow hue with a splash of green, also stock a selection of jewels like the one presented—display or no display. If your customers have been shopping at the same places I have and are currently decked out in tropical ensembles that would make Carmen Miranda roll her eyes, they’re going to need these.

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