Photography and Jewelry

Photographs of jewelry can be very effective forms of promotion that help jewelers sell their products because really effective jewelry photographs convey emotions that turn shoppers into buyers.  Jewelry photographs can initiate the high involvement that so many jewelry shoppers must experience before buying. How many different ways might you use photographs to market, merchandise and sell jewerly?

How do you leverage your investment in photographs of your jewelry inventory? In addition to using photographs in print advertisements and catalogues do you repurpose photographs for other applications to maximize your return on investment? What in-store marketing does your store do? Do you use any counter cards or shelf takers on the counter or inside display cases? Do you photograph jewelry before repair and remodel work begins? Do you include photographs when preparing an appraisal? If you use easel boards in your store do you use photographs of products separate from advertising tear sheets?

Backlit graphics mounted on jewelry store walls can be very dramatic presentations and really get shoppers excited and engaged. Backlit graphics provide lots of visual pop.Backlit graphics can really make photographs of jewelry pop with excitement.  Consider how the use of color and models wearing jewelry in backlit graphics can really convey the right emotions to shoppers. Shoppers cannot help but pay attention to dramatic photographs presented as backlit graphics.

Consider how photography can improve quality control, product development and multiple forms of marketing communications.  Too often jewelry web sites are loaded with boring photos of jewelry. Does your photography really show off the unique characteristics of each product? Are you using any animation to gain extra glitter and glow? Have you considered three dimensional animations to gain an advantage with shoppers? 3D photography is an up and coming technology that offers jewelers an enhanced approach to merchandising jewelry. Consider how jewelry often holds emotional significance with people and how color is so effective at arousing emotions.  3D photography can make photographed jewelry even more appealing. Animation can be combined with 3D photography and create some very unique presentations of jewelry that cause shoppers to become more interested in jewelry.

Whether you outsource your photographs or invest in developing your own in-house capabilities there is a need to capture the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry and create excitement with shoppers. Photographs can convey the emotions attached to jewelry that draw in so many buyers. Visual graphics should share qualities of jewelry that the naked eye might not otherwise notice.

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