Photo Find: Earrings that Complement Perfectly

From time to time, I come across a photo of an individual styled so beautifully with jewelry that the photo deserves comment and another admiring look. Eagerly awaiting tonight’s final episode of this season of HBO’s Big Love, I was delighted to see one of its stars, actress Jeanne Tripplehorn, on the cover of the March 2009 issue of More magazine. 



Here’s a great example of how beautifully a pair of earrings can complement not only an ensemble, but also the individual wearing it. Perhaps noticeable first is that the Bochic earrings are a perfect color match to the Oscar de la Renta dress worn by Tripplehorn, but more than that, they suit the actress beautifully. The overall round drops relate to the gentle curve of her jawline, the starburst design relates to her laugh crinkles as well as the diamond shape created by her dimples, and the length of the earrings is perfect for her long, elegant neck.


It would have been lovely to see the actress in that dress accessorized with a simple pair of diamond studs or hoops, but how much more interesting and exciting it is to see a gorgeous pair of earrings of a more complex design that so beautifully and perfectly adorn the wearer.