Phony Fed Ex Worker Steals Jewels From Manhattan Store

In December, a New York City jeweler was victimized by a rare but not-unheard-of scam: He gave jewelry to a phony delivery person.

According to the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, a woman dressed in a Federal Express uniform entered a jewelry store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan around normal pickup time and asked if there were any packages to be shipped. The manager gave her two packages, and the woman left, without scanning the items.

About a half hour later, the store’s regular FedEx person arrived and the store realized they had been robbed. It’s possible, says JSA, that the thief formerly worked for FedEx.

“We have seen this before, but not for a couple of years,” says John Kennedy, president of the Jewelers’ Security Alliance. “There are a lot of old delivery uniforms floating around and people buy uniforms at Goodwill.”

JSA offers the following advice for jewelers regarding deliveries to couriers:

  • Get to know your regular delivery person. If they are out, ask for ID. “Make sure they are who they are say they are,” he says.
  • If you are suspicious, call the delivery company to verity their identity.
  • See that packages are scanned before they leave your premises.
  • Make sure every employee knows the proper procedures regarding pickups and deliveries by couriers.
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