Philip Stein 25th Anniversary Diamond Watch Among Oprah’s Favorite Things

Members of Oprah’s Nov. 19 audience gave their best face when the talk show host announced she was giving away an exclusive Philip Stein watch on her annual Favorite Things episode.

The watch features an applied silver letter “O” on the dual dial in addition to applied silver numbers “2” and “5” to commemorate Oprah’s 25th anniversary. The watch is available in limited quantities in a diamond style with a total carat weight of more than one carat, and a non-diamond style.

Rummele’s Jewelers in Wis. will be among the stores carrying Oprah’s 25th anniversary watch.

Tracy Alpert, president and owner of Rummele’s Jewelers, said the store started carrying the Philip Stein line after it appeared on Oprah several years ago. “We were getting calls from people asking if we carried the line. One of our Packer’s players ordered the watch for the offensive line a few years back. We’ve been carrying the line ever since,” Alpert told JCK

Alpert said she got a call from Philip Stein about the 25th anniversary watch before the show ran. “I had to sign a confidentially agreement knowing that Oprah would be giving the watches out on the show. We have an exclusive deal with Philip Stein to feature the watch in the store,” Alpert says.

Alpert said the retail value of the watch without the diamond case is $730. With the diamond case, it runs for $2,345.

This marks the third year Philip Stein watches have been featured on the show. But it’s the first time a specially designed watch was created for the event.

Alpert says it’s thrilling seeing a product that Rummele’s carries featured on the Oprah show. “We’ve gotten calls like crazy. It’s fun and it’s exciting. If you are an Oprah fan, it’s fun watching the show and seeing all these fun prizes.”

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