Philadelphia Jeweler Gets Jail Time for Fencing Stolen Goods

On Dec. 10, Philadelphia jeweler Eric Janovsky received a 14-month sentence of prison and home confinement after pleading guilty to fencing items stolen from jewelers, reports say.

Janovsky, who faced up to 10 years, received a split sentence of 7 months in jail, and 7 months confined at home, as well as a directive to return $539,843 to the victims of his crimes. He copped to one charge of receipt and possession of stolen property in July. The store where he worked, Three Gold Bros. in Philadelphia, also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation. 

Janovsky is accused of buying loot from a group of grab-and-run thieves who stole $1.4 million from at least seven jewelers across the U.S.

“After being unable to find a buyer in New York following the initial diamond theft in 2009, codefendants…went to Philadelphia and found Three Gold Bros. and Janovsky,” said a government sentencing memo. “Multiple witnesses described that at that visit, and others that followed, Janovsky locked the door and moved other customers out of the store to deal secretly with the diamond thieves to facilitate the purchase of the high-end, stolen diamonds. Janovsky and Three Gold Bros. paid codefendants in cash, typically tens of thousands of dollars for each stolen diamond, and did not maintain or provide any paperwork for these transactions.” 

Janovsky’s role “cannot be understated,” the memo continued, as it was the “sole source of funding” for the crime spree. 

A memo from his attorney pleaded for leniency, arguing that while Janvosky’s conduct was “inexcusable,” he was a first-time offender and “honest and good-hearted person who always worked hard to dedicate himself to his friends and family” and has been charged with taking care of his disabled father.

Among the ways Janovsky will make restitution is by placing an ad in JCK to warn jewelers of the repercussions of receiving stolen property. 


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