PGI Says Program Resulted in More Platinum Sales

In the summer of 2006, Platinum Guild International-USA introduced its The Preferred Platinum Partner Program (4P), which provides targeted support to all levels of the supply chain, while continuing to drive consumers into platinum retailers.

According to PGI-USA, more than 2,000 in-store sales associates in the U.S. have received facilitated platinum sales training, designed to develop their platinum knowledge and effective selling techniques. Many of these associates also completed a DVD mastery course to perfect their platinum sales expertise.

Retailer stores who learned how to effectively present platinum’s unique benefits to customers have seen up to a 20 percent increases in their sales of platinum jewelry, according to PGI-USA. For most, this training has helped increase transaction size and augment sales across several categories.

Through the program’s national advertising component, partner manufacturers and retailers gained increased visibility to the buying public. Preferred platinum manufacturers and retailers received more than 81 million consumer impressions by being tagged or having their product featured in top national consumer bridal and fashion magazines.

“The sales training seminar provided confidence to our sales team to sell the values and benefits of platinum,” says Jose Freitas, diamond manager for Barmakian. “We have increased our sales of platinum wedding bands and engagement settings because of its virtues, such as its purity and rarity over other metals. Any price objection has become less of an obstacle.”

Additional partner perks include:

* Inclusion in a variety of web site referrals, such as,, and;

* Free technical consultations from PGI-USA director of Technical Education, Jurgen Maerz Sales; and

* Associate incentive programs designed to increase platinum sales and excite sales associates about selling platinum.

Voting for the next group of 4P partners begins in March. Platinum jewelry manufacturers will vote on retailers they believe show leadership in platinum jewelry sales. In turn, those retailers will vote for the industry leaders in design and manufacturing of Platinum jewelry.

Retailers and manufacturers with the most industry votes will become partners for the 2008-2009 program.

To learn more about the Preferred Platinum Partner Program and how to be nominated, contact Kevin Reilly at (212) 404-1608 or