The Power of Peridot

With each passing month, I look to share a new lineup of birthstone jewelry. But, year after year, I struggle more with what to share about the birthstone in the spotlight. How many times can we rehash the origins, properties, and folklore of any given gemstone?

Of course, much of this information bears repeating year after year, a testament to the importance of natural wonders and histories of the gems we’ve come to love and adore.

But this year, given everything that’s happening, I find myself wanting more than good looks—and even value—from my gemstones. Like others making purchases from quarantine, I’m seeking symbolism, maybe even the notion of a mystical power. Something that looks good and lends the perception of protection, hope, or healing.

Some of my industry colleagues are well-versed in the healing powers of crystals and gemstones—I am greener than peridot on the subject. A quick Google search tells me that peridot offers all manner of desirable effects: The stone is said to calm, increase strength and vitality, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance confidence. I could go on—the internet has much to say on the power of peridot. Of course to some, peridot is simply peridot: a variety of olivine that catches the eye with its radioactive shade of green and marks the birthstone of August. You could argue that its so-called healing properties are derived from its tranquil shade of green, which well explains its alleged ability to reduce fears and anxieties.

Alina Abegg Apple Pfefferminz ring
Apple Pfefferminz ring in 14k yellow gold with peridot, €3,240 ($3,765); Alina Abegg

Whatever the reason a customer finds themselves in the market for peridot—a talisman for the times, a birthday, a general affinity for green—there’s never been a better time to add one to the personal collection.

Lydia Courteille serpent tiara
Tiara in 18k black rhodium gold with 49.5 ct. peridot, 3.48 cts. t.w. yellow sapphires, 2.74 cts. t.w. tsavorite, and 2.67 cts. t.w. brown diamonds, price on request; Lydia Courteille
Erica Courtney Lily Pad earrings
Lily Pad double drop earring charms in 18k yellow gold with 9.87 cts. t.w. mint peridot, 0.63 ct. t.w. Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline, 1.57 cts. t.w. canary tourmaline, 0.14 ct. t.w. Mozambique paraiba tourmaline, and 0.42 ct. t.w. diamonds, $24,800 (diamond huggies not included); Erica Courtney

I’ve said it in years past, and I’ll say it again: Peridot seems to keep getting better. Years ago—between 10 and 15—I almost exclusively associated the stone with being inexpensive, a grab-and-go gift rarely seeing a finer setting than sterling silver or vermeil (though there is beauty in that—you and I know this to be true). Such inexperience has given way to a world where peridot is treated with the same creativity and care as sapphires or diamonds, and it’s holding its own as the centerpiece of some illustrious creations.

Karma El Khalil peridot necklace
Railway choker necklace in yellow gold with peridot and diamonds, price on request; Karma El Khalil

Continuously, this gemstone caste system that has been constructed based on a stone’s rarity and therefore value has been challenged by designers, instead focusing on a stone’s beauty, enhanced by the perspective of creative hands and minds. Peridot has continued to surprise me (though perhaps it shouldn’t) with how versatile, desirable, and cool it can be. If you’ll allow yourself even just a moment to believe it emits calming, healing vibes, the urgency with which you find yourself seeking a peridot for your very own will no doubt grow—and thankfully, we’re rich with options.

Top: Uva earrings in 18k yellow gold with peridot and enamel, price on request; Deborah Pagani

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