Perceived Wearability of Jewelry

Each customer has their own approach to fashion, design and style. Some are more aware of their fashion preferences than others are. That’s where the power of education comes into place during a sales presentation and especially during a sales demonstration. Jewelry customers want to be educated regarding how to use jewelry to accent their fashion statements.  In fact, many customers would appreciate any additional information jewelry sales associates might provide while presenting topics related to fashion, design or style. Talented jewelry sales associates have the opportunity to influence a customer’s perceived wearability of jewelry by expanding the customer’s appreciation of what jewelry designs, styles and materials work well together for individual customers. Most buyers are encouraged by a sales associate who can create a rapport based on trust. Sales associates can leverage that trust to help build the buyer’s confidence. Shopper just do not make purchases without being confident. That applies to proposed jewelry pieces too. Expanding the customer’s perception of what sort of jewelry is appropriate for their individual style is critical. So the next time you hear a customer say, “Oh I could never wear anything like that” understand that until their perceptions of what sort of jewelry they should be wearing is changed. . . they never will buy that jewelry. Yes, there are better fashion choices that each of us can make to best match our own individual physical traits and personal preferences. However, with the right education and an compelling sales presentation, powerful product demonstration and enduring trail closes sales associates really can expand the number of jewelry pieces a customer will consider purchasing. By expanding a customer’s perceived wearability of jewelry sales associates are opening a new world of fashion possibilities . . . and that can only lead to more  jewelry sales and more satisfied customers.

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