Pennsylvania Jeweler Robbed

A jewelry store in Pottsville, Pa., was robbed by armed gunmen Thursday. The owner and store manager were slightly injured.

Murphy Jewelers, with stores in Pottsville and Hamburg was robbed at gunpoint, Dec. 13, in its 115 W. Market Street location in Pottsville.

In a report in the Pottsville Republican & Herald newspaper, owner Patrick Murphy told police he got hit with a gun in his right temple. The store manager was pushed to the floor and suffered some bumps and bruises. There were no other injuries.

Witnesses eating lunch in a pizzeria across the street said they saw three boys wearing hoods walk into the store and flee shortly after.

At press time, the jeweler was still taking inventory so they have not made a determination of what was stolen and the value. A case was open at the time, as a sales associate was busy with a customer when the robbery happened.

Murphy, though shaken up and exhausted, wasn’t badly injured. In fact, a store spokesperson told JCK he chased the thieves down Market Street, even after being pistol-whipped.

“You know how feisty he is,” she laughed wryly. (Editor’s note—I do; I’ve known him for 30 years.

Pottsville police were looking for the three suspects Thursday night and had no one in custody, according to the paper, although by Friday they reportedly had some leads.

Despite the robbery, workers and management were ready to go back to work. When a local television news crew asked a salesperson to comment, she said, “We’re a Hearts on Fire jeweler and we’re open till 8 p.m., so come finish your Christmas shopping!”