Pebble to Launch First Smartwatch App Store

First came the smartwatches. Now come the apps.

Pebble, the smartwatch that was originally funded through a campaign on Kickstarter, announced it is opening the first smartwatch app store in early 2014. 

The company said its community of more than 10,000 developers has already built an ecosystem of 2,200-plus apps. 

The Pebble app store will include watch faces and six app categories: Daily; Remotes; Sports & Fitness; Notifications; Tools & Utilities; and Games. 

The app store is not currently supporting paid apps, the company said.

Pebble, which raised $10 million through its Kickstarter crowd funding, was released in April of this year and is generally considered the first high-profile smartwatch. Since then, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Gear, and rumors persist of a possible Apple iWatch. 


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