Peacock-Inspired Diamond Slice Earrings From Khushboo Lakhi

Khushboo Lakhi has an office in New York City, but is originally from Jaipur, India, where the country’s national bird—the peacock—provides plenty of design inspiration. A case in point: this double-sided, fantail-wide pair of silver, gold, and diamond earrings, the effect of which reflects “the beauty of the peacock’s colorful feathers” (you see it in the shape of the stones, which resemble the eye-like focal point of the bird’s feathers) as well as “the organic shapes of our signature style,” the designer tells JCK. It took 39 days to complete the pair due to the skill involved in making the silver foil setting.

“It’s very tricky and labor and time intensive,” adds Lakhi. “Plus, we have setting on both the sides. So, it was made in two parts and then joined together.”

So far, three pairs of the approximately 3 inch-wide (about the diameter of a coffee cup) earrings have sold to retailers in Italy, Spain, and Thailand, but surely some confident American will come along soon, looking to add bold style to her collection. When she does, my guess is that she’ll call Texas or California home. Where in the U.S. do you think a buyer exists for this look? Please weigh in via the comment function.

Khushboo Lakhi diamond earrings

Double-sided hoop earrings in silver and 14k gold with 5.08 cts. t.w. diamond slices and 6.9 cts. t.w. natural-color diamonds; $7,500.

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