Former Pandora, Yurman Exec Bennett Opens Coaching Office


Patrick Bennett (pictured), a former top executive with Pandora, Riva Precision Manufacturing, and David Yurman, is now heading the U.S. branch of Successful Consultants, a Hong Kong–based executive coaching and consulting company.

Bennett’s resume includes working for four years as a vice president of research and development at Pandora, and serving as vice president and chief operating officer of Riva Precision Manufacturing. He was also the president and chief operating officer of Regina Andrew Detroit, and vice president of manufacturing for David Yurman.

While at Pandora, he became an International Coaching Federation–certified coach.

“It was transformational for me,” he says. “I started doing one-on-one coaching in my spare time.”

In his new role, he’s been working with consulting leaders at both well-established and up-and-coming brands.

His work is “about bringing out the best in yourself and others,” he says. “A lot of what we talk about is how to bridge both your personal life and your professional life and still have success.”

He says that he’s been working with a lot of fast-growing digital-first brands headed by young entrepreneurs who “are really agile and disruptive” but who need to scale.

“It’s about letting them grow bigger but also understanding what they need to do to keep it authentic. Most of the successful brands are authentic—you look at Tiffany [& Co.], it’s still a very authentic brand. In the end, the jewelry business is still about design and emotion.

“So it’s about scaling and growing that authentic approach and vision and then letting that culture thrive and having the company succeed.”

Bennett’s specialties include developing online and digital strategies for luxury brands; creating sustainability while maintaining profit and creativity; enhancing and adapting supply chains for maximum efficiencies; and leveraging innovation and new technology to drive revenue.

(Photo courtesy of Successful Coaching)

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By: Rob Bates

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