Pasta-Inspired Jewelry Is a Thing That’s Happening

Could it be that my recent jaunt to the VicenzaOro jewelry fair in Italy has me seeing pasta, pasta, pasta in absolutely everything? After all, I undoubtedly ate my weight in penne and rigatoni over the course of the week.

But no! As JCK managing editor Melissa Bernardo keenly noted last week, “There’s something going on with pasta.” And, well, jewelry.

It all started last September when Delicacies Jewelry debuted a collection made in collaboration with major pasta manufacturer Barilla. The whimsical line of necklaces, earrings, and rings incorporates 14k gold and sterling silver facsimiles of pieces of bucatini, bow-tie, cellentani, rotini, and penne, among other pasta shapes.

Late last year also saw the debut of fine jewelry brand Alison Lou’s Mama Mia collection, which goes even further down the carbohydrate highway by incorporating solid gold squiggles of pappardelle and cavatappi, shell pasta, and lasagna into playful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets (there’s even a fettuccine ring in 14k yellow gold). Side note: despite the fun, pop theme of the collection, the designer didn’t lower her prices an iota—note the $4,365 earrings below. This spaghetti is solid gold.

Alison Lou pasta shell earrings
Shell pasta earrings, $1,765; Alison Lou


Alison Lou Cavatappi earrings
Cavatappi earrings, $4,365; Alison Lou 


And they’re not the only brands that have been noodling around. Italian designer Bea Bongiasca may not have had pasta on the brain when she designed her new avant-garde ear cuff, but the chic design (shown below) marries a gem-set gold coil with a colorful, noodle-like form that wraps in and out like a piece of candy-colored spaghetti.

And on the mass jewelry tier, jewelry collection Jart is pushing pasta-themed jewelry, including cute earrings anchoring penne and a gleaming $99 vermeil bow-tie ring.

Let the carb-loading commence!

Bea Bongiasca ear cuff
Ear cuff, price on request; Bea Bongiasca (Image: @shanemclark)
Jart pasta ring
Bow-tie pasta ring, $99; Jart


(Top image: Penne ring, $3,505; Alison Lou

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