Pandora’s Emotional Mother’s Day Video Nets 25 Million Views

The video appeals to consumers’ emotions and puts product in the background

Pandora is having a banner week. The charm manufacturer debuted its U.S. e-comm site Tuesday. Now, a surprisingly touching video the company commissioned from Danish agency Malling Publications is going very viral. Like, supernova viral.

This morning, the week-old video, which markets the brand’s Unique Collection, had earned nearly 10 million views on YouTube and another 15 million and change on Facebook.

The Mother’s Day–themed video shows kids being blindfolded, then asked to identify their mothers from a lineup of moms, by touch and smell alone. What are they touching? Noses, hair, and—wait for it—jewelry!

But the baubles are so seamlessly intergrated into the action, you barely notice them. The clip feels less like an ad and more like a lovely little social study that underscores the familiar and unique bond between moms and their kids.

The moms are visibly anxious, worried that their child won’t identify them and will be upset by that. And the reunions—which show the tearful (and very stylish) moms taking off the blindfold and hugging their bambinos—are sweet.

The video is also, of course, a subtle reminder that it’s time to pick up a Mother’s Day gift. It suggests that at Pandora, you can find pieces of jewelry that reflect your unique relationship with your mother. From a marketing perspective, it all works masterfully.

And viewers are lapping it up. Actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted about the video: “I could watch this all day.”

Well played, Pandora.

Check out the video here:

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