Pandora Says It’s Now the World’s Best-Known Jewelry Brand

Pandora now considers itself the most-recognized global jewelry brand, vaulting over longtime champs Swarovski and Tiffany, CEO Anders Colding Friis said in a recent presentation for the financial community.

“We are now the number one jewelry brand in the world,” he said. “In 2017, we beat the competition and became number one. Until then, we have been number two.”

According to a Pandora global tracker, which measures the top 25 markets, aided awareness of Pandora is now at 83 percent, up from 80 percent the prior year. According to the company’s figures, that tops the world’s other leading jewelry brands Swarovski (80 percent awareness) and Tiffany & Co. (71 percent).

Other noteworthy points from Pandora’s presentation:

– Friis admitted the company has stumbled a bit in the United States. He called the U.S. retail market “challenged,” but said Pandora sees opportunities to expand its retail presence, particularly in the West, Florida, and the New York area. It wants to accelerate the pace of new product offerings in the United States.

– Pandora will continue to close unbranded accounts and move multibrand retailers into shop-in-shops. Last year, it closed 700 unbranded accounts.

– While the company wants to continue to operate franchise stores, it also plans to take over 75 to 150 stores annually. That process has begun in the United States. Friis added that Pandora plans to concentrate on owned-and-operated stores in the future, rather than franchises.

– The company singled out three reasons that women favor jewelry: self-expression, “a physical reminder of emotions,” and “a love for beautiful things.”

“Women put a direct correlation with the jewelry their partners buy for them and how much their partners love them,” said chief marketing officer Minna Philipson. “I don’t know if any of the men in the room have tried to celebrate an anniversary with a sweater. We see that wouldn’t work. [An anniversary gift] can’t be plastic, it can’t be mass-produced, it can’t be something that doesn’t feel emotional.”

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11 responses to “Pandora Says It’s Now the World’s Best-Known Jewelry Brand”

  1. We had Pandora for many years in our gallery and tried hard to support the brand. The company is a nightmare to try to work with. Rep pushed to sell more every meeting and threatend to drop us on website to lower levels. $50,000 inventory was not enough to satisfy our existence! Their own stores and website sales is the death of independent stores like us. I doubt they have a positive future!!

  2. A legend in their own minds. Wonder if they understand the difference between “famous” and “infamous”, the latter being what they are to those thousands of “unbranded” stores that built THEIR brand for them. And they can thank SNL for a decent chunk of that “awareness”, but not the kind they want, more as a joke than an object of desire.

    Can’t give your lady plastic but glass beads will do I guess. If they can handle the truth they could redirect their poll with a simple question for potential recipients…would you prefer something from Tiffany or (another) no-brainer bauble for your bracelet? Their regurgitated charm bracelets have run their course in the market, and I will happily do all I can in Florida to speed the process of that demise as they go it alone after being boosted and carried for years on the backs of hard-working independents.

  3. “stumbled a bit”? Closing hundreds of accounts and alienating a large segment of American jewelers is not exactly the best way to build brand loyalty or positive buzz.

  4. Well, well… Best known jewelry brand in the world. I guess that puts them right up there with the best known restaurant brand in the world, McDonald’s.

  5. Legends in their own minds, if they do have to say so themselves…

    Well, their brand awareness did get a boost from SNL…albeit as an object of disdain rather than of desire… “Oh, it’s one of these…” Heh.

    An anniversary gift can’t be plastic, but “one of these” glass beads on this regurgitated charm bracelet will do just fine?

    Due to their callous and cruel discarding and disregard of those hundreds of “unbranded accounts” AKA the hardworking independents that for years promoted and built their “brand” , I’ll do all I can in my home state and their target market of Fla to aid in their rapid descent into irrelevance, yesterday’s news, and the brunt of a joke.

  6. My good customer last year told me “Pandora is so yesterday, show me something fresh and new.” lol.

    It is Pandora with self promotion. lol.

    I honestly have not met a customer looking to buy Fine Jewellery in 2017 who was brand loyal and stuck to buy a Pandora.

    It was a fad like Zoopini, other charm bracelets and it is fading away.

  7. I am so glad that Minna pointed out that an anniversary gift cannot be mass-produced if it hopes to properly convey the true meaning of love. For a long time there, I was thinking that Pandora was . . . well, never mind.

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