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Carry Some Light With You, Suggests Designer Pamela Zamore


Love to—especially in the form of a new charm collection in 18k gold as the ostensible vessel. By now, you know that symbolic charms of any kind are a hot topic, especially when it comes to customizing a meaningful story with trinkets as text.

Of late, JCK editors are into enamel charms, vintage charms, tarot card–inspired charms, and alphabet charms.

My latest love object is a new collection from designer Pamela Zamore centered on charms (medallions, really, they’re not dainty) for chains and hoop earrings (smaller, see below).

Pamela Zamore assorted earring charms
Earrings bring light to the face, radiating the warmth of the sun. Hoops and earring charms in 18k gold, $960 to $2,200 each.

Called Carry Some Light With You, the collection borrows from Zamore’s earlier fascinations and is centered on the portable aspect of talismans—as well as their ability to protect or heal and the fact that they’re imbued with a sense of history and a little magic. From the collection notes: “As a designer, I feel that a talisman should be a personal comfort to wear for a sense of belonging. A touchstone intended to become a part of you and carry you for a lifetime, worthy of being passed down to future generations.”

This idea surfaces as deeply engraved executions of sunray and star motifs, subtle references to evil eyes and traditional hamsas alongside mystical moonstones, soothing turquoise, and tiny diamond flecks to give everything a luxurious feel.

Pamela Zamore talisman necklaces layered
A considered necklace layering story featuring, from top, Baby multi star pendant, $1,850, Ray pendant, $4,150, and Ray Rise pendant, $5,650, all in 18k gold and diamonds (chains included)
Pamela Zamore oval star earring
Oval star earring charms in 18k gold and diamond, $1,700 (hoops sold separately)

“Charms are a natural fit with what I do because they are inherently talismans and heirlooms,” Zamore tells JCK. “My charms are born of this tradition but are designed with my signature sandblast finish and textural borders, both of which are characteristic of my collection. They are intended to be collected, given, and received, worn solo or layered with my larger pendants. Each is intended to be a versatile keepsake, a collectable heirloom to be worn now and passed down to future generations.”

Top: The plan for the line over time, says Zamore, is to “build out a tapestry of talismans of varied shapes, motifs, and textures, so they can be mixed and matched for a layering effect that is uniquely personal to the wearer.” An unwavering palette of 18k yellow gold and just a hint of diamond sparkle ensures enduring ease, elegance, and versatility “that can be relied upon now and for years to come.” Ray pendant in 18k gold and diamonds, $4,150 (includes chain), and assorted charms, $1,050 to $4150 each (sold separately)

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Amy Elliott

By: Amy Elliott

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