The Pamela Love Piercing Collection

“You need a new earring like a hole in the head.” So goes the saying, something my mom would totally say. Well, not to sound like a smart aleck, but for a new earring, I WILL put a hole in my head. Or, a new one in my ear, anyway.

When it comes to giving your customers an in-store experience, piercing parties are rapidly becoming the event to beat. And what’s not to love, really: Customers get a new jewel to sport, and they come away feeling a boost of confidence (or maybe that’s the endorphin rush?) from partaking in a little (nearly) painless fun. They say beauty is pain, right?

Pamela Love dagger stud
Dagger stud in 14k yellow gold, $250

The concept is fun as is, and for a jewelry store to host such an event makes perfect sense—it’s the ideal place to score a new piercing. But what makes it next level is when a jewelry designer ups the ante with their very own collection of made-to-pierce jewels.

Pamela Love multistone huggie
Multistone huggie in 14k yellow gold with ruby, opal, and turquoise, $450
Pamela Love bezel set trio stud
Bezel-set trio stud in 14k yellow gold with pink opal, turquoise, and diamond, $380

Pamela Love has done just that, with a new line of earrings ready to take their place along the ear. The styles are safe for piercing, each including a threaded back and crafted in 14k yellow gold. Customers not attending an in-store event can order them via the designer’s website (or at one of Love’s retail partners) and bring it to their local piercing parlor.

Pamela Love eye huggie
Eye huggie in 14k yellow gold, $240
Pamela Love fish diamond stud
Fish stud earring in 14k yellow gold with abalone and diamond, $290

The varied collection lends a wide range of looks, depending on the combination one chooses, with styles ranging from fish and snakes to the moon and stars, round, bezel-set stones in singles and trios, and small hoops adorned with colored gems and pearls. For the indecisive, who could spend more time trying to figure out which piece to pierce with, the good news is earrings can always be switched out (after the healing period, that is). You don’t even need to punch a new hole in your ear to enjoy these for the first time. It should be noted that many of these designs aren’t solely for the ear, either—they play well on the nose, too.

Pamela Love inlay huggie
Inlay huggie in 14k yellow gold with malachite, $350
Pamela Love moon stud
Moon stud earring in 14k yellow gold with blue lapis, $240

So while I, the indecisive customer, debate a favorite earring to add that aforementioned hole in my head to, you can visit Love’s website for the full line of new piercing-safe styles.

Top: Floating opal clicker in 14k yellow gold with opal, $270

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