Pamela Love’s New Collection Is Inspired by the Anemone Flower

Jewelry designer Pamela Love is known for her spare, minimalist, and often talismanic jewelry (think daggers and snakes). But Love’s new favorite motif is decidedly more delicate in spirit.

The New York–based designer’s latest collection for her namesake brand uses a cast anemone flower blossom in a repetitive pattern to create a suite of sophisticated, but sweet, jewels. There are epic-feeling drop earrings tipped with pearls, repetitive-bloom hoops, and downright romantic (and Victorian-feeling) floral necklaces that link the blossoms in a perfect hoop, in both 14k yellow gold over brass and sterling silver.

Anemone flowers are actually a varied group of flowering plants that come in all shapes and sizes, according to Southern Living. They’re nicknamed the “windflower” because the word anemone is derived from the Greek term anemos, meaning “winds.” Anemos “is related to the mythological idea that each Greek god was associated with a cardinal direction, the winds that blew in from that direction, and specific seasons and weather events, too,” according to the magazine.

The brand’s messaging for the new collection includes that tidbit and adds: “These hand-carved windflowers are symbols of luck and good fortune, and are known as ‘daughters of the wind.’ ”

Studying Pamela Love’s gorgeous bloom, one of the endless possible shapes she could have called an anemone flower, the nickname feels especially apropos.

Pamela Love silver hoops
Sterling silver Multi-Anemone hoops, $290
Pamela Love gold and pearl earrings
Eden earrings in 14k gold plate with pearls, $490
Pamela Love necklace
Anemone lapis 14k yellow gold over brass necklace with lapis lazuli beads, $320

See the entire new collection here.

Top: Pamela Love Anemone bracelet in 14k yellow gold over brass, $570 (all photos courtesy of Pamela Love)

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