Paige Novick on Her Upcoming Collection With Atelier Swarovski

Designer Paige Novick has teamed up with Atelier Swarovski to create a fine jewelry collection that spotlights a rainbow of colored topaz—alongside lab-created diamonds, and fair-trade gold.

The collaboration, which Novick says is meant to be ongoing, will kick off with an 11-piece collection that will debut on in mid-September.

“The idea of collaborating with Atelier Swarovski has always been a dream for me,” Novick tells JCK, sharing that she approached Atelier Swarovski two years ago with a lookbook of her pieces at the time and recalls getting “an immediate call letting me know that [company CEO] Nadja Swarovski loved my designs. I remember walking on clouds for the rest of the week.”

Paige Novick X Swarovski
Paige Novick X Atelier Swarovski 18k gold, topaz rings, and lab-grown diamond rings
Paige Novick X Swarovski
Paige Novick X Atelier Swarovski 18k gold hand jewel and double ring with lab-grown diamonds
Paige Novick X Swarovski
Paige Novick X Atelier Swarovski necklace and earrings

That intro led to a dinner with Nadja, where Novick remembers “feeling an instant connection. I was deeply inspired by her passion, creativity, and her openness to pushing the boundaries of traditional jewelry design.”

The pair specifically connected on their love of color: “Nadja Swarovski and I both share a love of color, so I wanted the collection to feel authentic to each of us. While there are bright pops of color throughout in the form of colored topaz, I added several straight gold and created-diamond pieces to add balance and allow the customer to mix and match.”

The collection is entitled Arc en Ciel, the phrase for rainbow in French, because “the colors of a rainbow are happy, and since these natural phenomenons are so rare, they evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment,” says Novick. “This idea inspired me deeply—as not only do rainbows elicit awe, but they also offer the promise of sunshine and blue skies. My goal was to infuse the designs with joy, hope, and positivity. In today’s political climate, I think we all need it!”

Though only a few photos from the collection have been revealed, several of the pieces feature large-scale topaz stones, the designer shares—a fact that “pushed me to explore a bolder, more playful narrative while maintaining my core DNA of sculptural and feminine design.”

The mined topaz are in some pieces paired with lab-created diamonds and 18k fair-trade gold—a modern-feeling matchup of materials.

Novick was also set on creating designs that could seamlessly move from day to night—a versatility of design “that speaks to the modern self-purchasing woman,” she notes.

Top: Paige Novick for Atelier Swarovski topaz and diamond rings (all photos courtesy of Paige Novick)


JCK Magazine Editor