Page Sargisson’s Safari Animal Mini Collection

Page Sargisson was wrapping a children’s gift with juvenile-theme animal-print paper when the inspiration struck for her Safari mini collection. The mother of sons Harvest, 7, and Tobey, 5, first made a little monkey charm, the super cuteness of which paved the way for seven more SKUs: an elephant, a hippo, a giraffe, a lion, a crocodile, a squirrel, and a kangaroo.

All are made in either sterling silver or 10k gold, some with diamond accents, and the looks are a particularly big hit in Japan, one of Sargisson’s biggest markets. Why? “The Japanese are into kawaii, which is a style of dressing cute, but not how we mean it,” she explains. “When I do shows over there, women come in wearing a Chanel suit, dinosaur [from a different collection] necklaces, duck earrings, and carrying an Hermès bag.”

Sargisson continues to add animals to the menagerie and has pig and bunny styles as well, which are not officially part of Safari. Her most unusual request to date might be a rat, which she hasn’t yet made because the silhouette is a bit tricky to master. Also in the works: a sheep.

To date, just six U.S. stores carry Safari, though with summer approaching, more may want to consider stocking the little lightweight charms, which are suitable for placement on a necklace or bracelet. Retail prices are $50 in silver, $110 in 10k gold, and $195 in 10k gold with diamond accents.

Page Sargisson's Safari Mini animal charm jewelry in 10k gold and sterling silver

Safari mini charms in 10k gold with diamond accents; $195 apiece

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