Oscar Heyman’s Flag Brooches Elevate the Lapel Pin Trend

The fine jeweler is no stranger to the brooch game

You may have seen this little pin movement that’s been happening as of late—you must have, right? It’s seemingly everywhere; visit any well-known fashion blogger’s site, the front page of Etsy, any fashion retailer, and you’ll come across them. These little pins—many of them painted in enamel—come in all sorts of shapes and styles. Most of them are pop-culture heavy: favorites of mine have included a can of La Croix sparkling water, a soft-serve ice cream cone, David Bowie, and a sign that shows 0 Instagram likes (always a bummer). They’re often priced at around $10–$15 and offer fun options for expression, be it your favorite snack, your love of cats, or anything else you can possibly dream up. I’ve amassed only two (a rich blue evil eye design and The Simpsons‘ Ned Flanders dressed in a devil suit), but the urge to collect is strong—could these be the new stacking rings? While many of us were yearning for the brooch to make a huge comeback, I’m not sure this is exactly what we had in mind. The trinkets are cheap, arguably disposable when the fad kicks it, and, in many cases, will be culturally irrelevant after a year or so (because how long can you really wear a Kim Kardashian pin, even ironically?). But hey—it’s a start. I look forward to seeing this grow and expand to timeless pieces that are worthy of more investment and precious jewels, such these two from Oscar Heyman, which has been creating unforgettable designs, big and small, for more than 100 years. These particular creations are timeless, and they also happen to check the on-trend box at the moment. So while there are many people who would have already fallen for these little beauties, you can now count on hordes of other admirers to take interest, too. Designers, heed the call! Take the High Street trend and turn it into high luxury—this isn’t the industry’s first foray into brooches. It’s just another entry to the collectible game, where retailers can count on selling more than just one, with customers returning to purchase others. I’m hoping to see a handful of new creations like these from designers on my trend hunt at JCK Las Vegas. Yes, I’m thinking about May already!


Oscar Heyman American flag lapel pin | JCK On Your Market


Oscar Heyman 'droopy flag' lapel pin | JCK On Your Market

American flag lapel pins with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, both by Oscar Heyman, price on request


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