OroArezzo dazzles with style, color, and variety

The maddening crowds of industry professionals from all over Italy gave way to more modest groups of jewelry buyers from all over the world during the final three days of OroArezzo, held April 9-13 in Arezzo, Italy.

What these buyers from other parts of world look for at OroArezzo is beautiful, innovative, and unique designs and there was plenty to excite these professionals.

One of the most prevalent trends at the show was finely woven gold mesh, in some cases half the thickness of human hair, shaped into elaborate, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets. Color was also evident in many of the designs from the Italian firms that specialize in gold and practice their craft in or near the Tuscan province of Arezzo.

One firm from the region combining innovative gold mesh designs with color is Metal Orafa. The company molded gold mesh into a variety of complementary floral arrangements for necklaces, rings and bracelets. When not using mesh to create flowers, it is using it to string long braided necklaces.

But it was the introduction of color, particularly, blue and brown, that separates MetalOrafa from other companies, says company official Alessandro Pozza.

Pozza says the new colors are the result of a patented rhodium plating process, which makes the colored finish much more resilient than painted gold.

“We are at least one year ahead of the competition,” Pozza says.

Another company that is finding innovative uses for woven gold is Vicenza & Valentina. The company introduced a number of bracelets and necklaces using the woven gold, including using it for gold watch bands. In addition, the company, which uses gold from 8k to 18k in its designs, created open-link yellow-gold necklaces with rough surfaces made with diamond-cutting tools, says Maria Teresa Bon, Vicenza & Valentina managing director.

In many cases, companies use touches of tiny pearls, and gemstones to add color and highlights to their gold necklaces and bracelets and other jewelry. Vicenza & Valentina had a number of examples of woven necklaces highlighted with gemstones.

Treemme displayed a number of tradition yellow and white-gold necklaces and bracelets. The company, with a team of 30 persons, produces 18k and 14k hand-made chains.

Giante produces gold beads and satin finishes for necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry, says Francesca Brunetti. The company began with very round beads and now uses a variety of different designs.