Opening of Kwiat Flagship Store Manhattan

Last Thursday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Kwiat flagship store opening on Madison Ave in New York. Kwiat’s first retail venture is beautifully executed, and took two years to bring to fruition. Making the evening extra fancy was an appearance by Jennifer Hudson, an Oscar-winning actress and one-time American Idol runner-up. The Kwiat family, including JCK Luxury’s recently featured Greg kwiat, and head designer Janice DeBell were on hand to celebrate the occasion. 

Excitement on the street! The entrance to the Kwiat flagship store. You’d think they could have gotten rid of that bag of trash, non?

Victoria’s pretty earrings feature designs on the front and back sides.

Inside the store. It’s crowded! 

Leading to the upstairs salon. Hard to see, but the light fixtures are really pretty.

Upstairs decor on the walls of the salon.

Former JCKer and present-day author, Ettagale Blauer, and JCK’s current editor in chief, Hedda Schupak. Both are in the upstairs salon. Ettagale–thank you for the bus schedule!

Head Kwiat jewelry designer, Janice DeBell. JCK Luxury profiled her as a designer of the year two years ago.

Janice DeBell, Greg Kwiat, and me, Jennifer Heebner. 

A little before 7pm, I made my way to the exit to leave when the diva herself, Jennifer Hudson, entered the store. A news crew promptly blocked up the entrance, and there I was stuck right behind Ms. Hudson. If you see me on the news looking uncomfortable, it’s because I couldn’t move and she was being interviewed about a foot in front of me. I couldn’t get out of the shot!

There she is–Jennifer Hudson–being interviewed by Channel Five news. The guy is Kwiat’s Bill Gould, looking very official and trying to make sure no frenzied fans approached Ms. Hudson.

Jennifer Hudson talking about her jewelry preferences. The chatter level was pretty high, so despite the fact that I was right behind her, I couldn’t hear what she was saying. 

And finally, I make it to the front door to exit and this is the scene right in front of Ms. Hudson in the Kwiat store.

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