Open Plea to Industry: Will Someone Please Make Emma Stone’s Itty-Bitty Bow Tie in a Precious Metal?

For years I wanted someone to make a precious-metal carabiner (or maillon as rock-climber readers were quick to point out), and then I met the designer Marla Aaron who did. Well, I have a new item on my wish list that I figured I would vocalize here in the hopes that someone might bring it to life: an itty-bitty precious-metal bow tie in the spirit of a little plastic-looking one worn recently (see here and here) by actress Emma Stone.

Why do I want someone to make this? First, it’s cute, and second, why not? We’re working in the world of fashion, fantasy, and adornments, and the little bow tie is already at the top of most-wanted lists among members of the fashion-blogging stratosphere. The sweet little style speaks to chic, accessory-loving women who seek out the unusual and would be an innovation for jewelers—whom I think are sort of obligated to make a fine-jewelry version so that fashionistas have an alternative to the Claire’s plastic variety that will undoubtedly be stationed on the Peter Pan collars of women everywhere in the coming weeks.

Bow ties have been on my mind for a while now, but Emma Stone’s public appearance in one confirmed to me their rising profile. On Christmas morning, I presented my fairly conservative husband Jeff with a darling colorful bow tie I bought from “I’m not wearing that,” he proclaimed. I knew, going into the purchase, that he would protest, but its cuteness proved so irresistible that I ordered one. “Well, maybe I’ll wear it then,” I told him. I could, but I’d rather wear a feminine silver version that’s smaller and studded in stones.

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