Online Retailer Gemify Debuts

Answering the consumer call for low-cost custom jewelry is Gemify, a new online-only retailer that offers users the ability to cherry-pick metals and gemstones to personalize existing designs.

Click on any of the high-quality product images and up pops a menu of “customizable options,” which includes metal and one or more gemstone options, depending on the design of the piece.

The company declined JCK’s request for an interview, and the site’s “About Us” section offers zero clues as to who’s behind the new site. But a press release about the retailer states its mission: “Gemify offers shoppers the ability to custom-render designs online, using an innovative visualization technology, without sacrificing quality for affordability. Each unique GEMIFY product is created using high quality metals and gemstones, and is handcrafted by a team of over 60 dedicated artisan craftsman. The result is high-quality, unique, and timeless jewelry.”

A customizable ring from Gemify, courtesy of Gemify

Prices on the site are moderate (gemstone engagement rings start around $700) and the selection is solid, if conservative — ranging from intricate tennis bracelets to diamond pendant necklaces. Gemify offers free shipping internationally, and a promise that pieces will be in the mail (or FedEx or UPS) a mere 10 days after ordering.  

Of course it will take a little more time to see if this custom-lite retail concept resonates with consumers on a mass scale.

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