One Necklace + Two Brooches + Designer Inspiration = Exciting Jewelry Styling

There’s something wonderfully appealing about versatile jewelry that lends itself to being worn in more than one way. One versatile jewel can add substantially to a jewelry wardrobe, and if the piece is shared, say between mother and daughter, each may find her own unique way to express her personality and style with the jewelry.

Following the Chanel chatelaine brooches that I wrote and raved about approximately one year ago [on February 16 and February 23, 2009], comes a fresh set of advertisements with a similar styling concept from Vera Wang.


Illustration: Chanel chatelaine brooches, 2009

In one, featuring a wispy black chiffon one-shouldered dress with sparkling waist emphasis, the shoulder is emphasized with the adornment of what appears to be a pair of identical large floral brooches to which are attached a thick set of dripping chains [a style that falls within the group of designs referenced in my recent February 17, 2010 post “On the Fringe”]. The chains are draped over the top of the arm like a necklace worn sideways.


Illustration: Vera Wang 2010

The second ad, which is for Vera Wang Sunwear, showcases a pair of sunglasses by the designer, worn with a sleeveless black textured dress. On top of the dress hang what appear to be two necklaces, one worn on top of the other. Each necklace appears to consist of a central woven bib design attached by ribbon or fabric to a pair of sparkly brooches. Notice, too, that one set of brooches consists of two identical pins; the second set is a charming mismatched pair consisting of a flower and what appears to be a butterfly. This is the next generation of an intriguing design concept.


Illustration: Vera Wang 2010; notice the mismatched but coordinating brooches 

If you have a wardrobe of fine chains or lightweight necklaces and a couple of coordinating sturdy brooches, now’s a great time to demonstrate your cutting-edge creativity and to experiment with new jewelry combinations. Eye-catching looks combining brooches and necklaces are bound to be conversation pieces.

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