On Set Today: More Big Diamonds and Diamond Fashion Pieces

Yesterday’s still-life shoot went well, and we turned our lemons—the disappointment of not receiving certain goods—into lemonade by getting some beautiful imagery. Still, today’s model photography brings with it the all-too-familiar issue—can you guess what it is? Yup: not getting more promised merchandise.

A vendor whose goods were already in yesterday’s shots was supposed to receive an amazing, huge diamond-studded cuff back from a retailer today, and I had told them that I had that piece in mind for a possible cover shot. Sadly, the merchant, based in Connecticut, forgot to ship it back. Forgot. For the June issue. Really. I said to the vendor, “Hope it’s a really good customer because that just cost you a possible cover.”

On a bright note, however, Kathy from Shy Creation surprised me with a phone call late last night (she was out for the holiday, but just happened to check her office voice mail and heard a message from me). She was eager to send merchandise for today’s cover shoot, and since she is on the West Coast, she was able to get a package out the door in time to make the last Fed Ex shipment of the night. (This morning, we shot a pair of Shy’s earrings and a ring on the model, and they are now in the running for use in a possible cover image.) Also helpful: Karlee from Ivanka Trump supplied us a few items, too, late yesterday.

Now we’re a few shots in and still awaiting a delivery from Jacob & Co., and, happily, Laura and Jessica from Nina Runsdorf are also in town today and willing to bring a few more beauties to the studio. For sure, New York City is the center of the American jewelry world: Naysayers need only schedule a photo shoot here and then quickly realize the importance of location, location, and location for last-minute drops!

Ring and earrings by Shy Creation and necklace by Ivanka Trump

Ring and earrings by Shy Creation; necklace by Ivanka Trump

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