Old World Inspirations: G&G Creations Debuts Masterful Works

G & G Designs

From left to right: design partners Vahe Ghazarian and Esin
Guler with master gem-setter Mihran Guler

With a combined seven decades of experience in jewelry
design and manufacturing, the newly formed Boston-based G&G Creations is a force to be
reckoned with. In 2010, Vahe Ghazarian and Esin Guler and master gem setter
Mihran Guler banded together to launch G&G Creations, a fabricator of
high-end silver and karat gold designs.

Collections to date total four: Imprint features
organic-looking lily pad shapes; Scroll features timeless swirl effects; Nyx,
named for the Greek goddess of the night, showcases contrasting dark and light
motifs (like skulls set with yellow gold accents); Faith pieces pay homage to
religion. Couture or one-off pieces are also available.

All merchandise is made in the United States and starts at
less than $1,000 retail. G&G currently has two retail accounts, including
Boston’s Barmakian Jewelers.
Fun fact: Sevan Biçakçi is a family friend
of Esin and Mihran!

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