Ohio Robbery Attempt Leads to Shoot-Out

An attempted robbery at
a Dayton, Ohio, jewelry store Jan. 10 resulted in a shoot-out, police say.
Dayton Police sergeant Moises Perez tells JCK
that around 11:09 a.m., a man entered Oscar Beigel Jewelers and immediately
tried to gain access behind the counter. “The owner’s wife approached the
suspect and asked him if he needed assistance,” Perez says. It was then that
she noticed the suspect was armed and went to the back room to get her husband.

“Her husband was armed and saw the suspect raise his weapon, so he started
firing at him,” Perez says. What followed was a shoot-out between the suspect,
the owner, and the owner’s brother. Dayton Police estimate that 20 rounds were
fired between the three men.
Perez says the suspect told the store owner that he would leave the store if he
stopped shooting, the owner complied, and the suspect fled without any jewelry.

“It’s a creepy feeling when you walk in there because there’s bullet holes and
shell casings everywhere,” Perez says.
Perez says no one in the store was injured and there is no evidence that the
suspect suffered any injuries. The store suffered damage from the shoot-out
including broken display cases and merchandise embedded in the wall.
Perez says the century-old store did not have an operable video system
installed and police are continuing an investigation.