Ode to Emerald: 10 Blog Posts Featuring May’s Birthstone

May is nearly over, and here at JCK, we’re fortunate to spend its remaining days in Las Vegas, where each one is filled with incredible people, events, and—hello!—jewelry. But we couldn’t jet off to the Nevada desert without paying homage to May’s birthstone, which just so happens to be Pantone’s Color of the Year. (How lucky is that?) So here we have it: On Your Market’s roundup of emerald-related stories. You’ll find plenty of Pantone, fashion, and trend posts as well as our first-ever jewelry quiz. If you haven’t taken it already, go ahead and test your knowledge! Enjoy!

Britts pickBritt’s Pick

I spent so much time just staring at this loose emerald, imagining the countless ways it could be styled, all of which involved it being worn by yours truly. Can you blame me?


1. Britt’s Pick: Muzo Worldwide’s Loose Emerald



Pantone Mania

 The jewelry industry was already aware of the magic powers of emerald, but when Pantone announced its 2013 Color of the Year, the rest of the world caught on, too. Needless to say, we’ve been having a lot of fun with it.


2. Emerald: The Pantone 2013 Fall Color Report in Jewelry
3. Emerald Jewels: The 2013 Pantone Color of the Year
4. 25 Jewels in Emerald: The Pantone 2013 Color of the Year
5. Emerald: The Pantone 2013 Spring Color Report in Jewelry


birthdayGo Emerald, It’s Your Birthday

Being a May baby myself, I would have happily accepted any one of these green beauties as a birthday gift. Actually, I still would…


6. Emerald Jewels for the Best May Birthday Ever



Now Trending: Emerald

We knew the precious gemstone would be in the spotlight year-round, from red carpet soirees to, most memorably, Beyoncé’s Inauguration Day earrings. The controversy she faced from her
lip-synching admission was no match for the incredible emeralds she sported at the event.

7. Get the Jewelry Look: Beyoncé’s Inaugural Earrings
8. 12 Jewelry Trends for 2013: Emerald Jewels From JCK Marketplace


greenIt’s Easy Being Green

Think you know everything about emerald? On Your Market’s first interactive quiz put you to the test. We also picked out some of our favorite emerald-themed Pinterest boards, because, obviously, we’re obsessed.


9. How Well Do You Know Emerald? Take Our Quiz!
10. 21 Emerald Pinterest Boards to Follow in the Month of May


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