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Oct. 28 Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup


This week: The high end holds up, but who knows about the rest? De Beers gets flexible, again. And a Kay commercial wins praise for music. All below.


No signs of recession for global elite


How jewelers are coping with possible recession

– Watch business getting nervous


De Beers offers sweeter terms as diamond market shows strain

– De Beers expects slowdown after solid quarter


25% of diamond jewelry sales in 2021 were made online

– Looks like record year for Swiss watch industry


Will India become leading market for lab-grown diamonds?

– Ecocult on whether lab-grown diamonds “live up to the hype”


U.S. State Department meets with industry about Russia

= How lasers inside diamonds may improve traceability

– Russia after Swiss watchmakers say goodbye


New Patek Philippe will cause “headaches” for dealers


Leading watchmakers open watchmaking foundation


Michelle Graff’s favorite quotes from Conversations in Park City


Jewelers win settlement against local police department for seized items


Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition wants scheme to reform


Zimbabwe residents still hope for benefit from diamond mine


Namibia mining minister “misled” anti-corruption commission


Activists spray Rolex store with paint


Regulators say Amazon CEO’s remarks violated labor law


Diamond Standard wants to make gemstones a commodity


Rough diamonds become “ultimate status symbol”


Hip-hop culture “ditching big chains”


People like song in background of Kay Jewelers commercial


Hearts On Fire appoints head of product management


Clear Cut founder turns “side hustle” into big business


Australian amateur detective searches for owner of missing ring


Natural Diamond Council ambassador Lily James goes to Botswana


De Beers announces actor Lupita Nyong’o as global ambassador


Mouawad opens boutique in Beverly Hills


Jewelry store staff walks to find cure for MS


The controversial history behind Princess Diana’s engagement ring


Women’s jewelry made out of body fluids goes viral on TikTok


Madonna uses vibrators for—well, you’ll see


From the Blog

State Department Meets With Diamond Industry About Russia


From the Podcast   

The Jewelry District, Episode 81: Conversations In Park City, De Beers Leadership, New Patek Philippe



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By: Rob Bates

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