NY Knicks’ Derrick Williams Robbed of Jewels

Was he targeted because of Instagram?

Derrick Williams, forward for the New York Knicks, was allegedly robbed of $750,000 in jewelry on Dec. 19.

Two female guests at a party at Williams’ apartment are suspected of taking the jewels from a case in his home, according to law enforcement.

The New York Post reports that police are investigating whether the women are associated with a “pattern of robberies committed by young women who prey upon wealthy, bling-flashing men at clubs and hotel bars.”

No word yet on what kind of jewelry Williams was wearing on Friday night that may have attracted the thieves, but the jewels he has sported on his Instagram might offer an idea—and temptation enough for a would-be robber. 

Williams has posted snaps of watches and a gold and diamond Jesus necklace on his account in the past, advertisements that he just might regret now that the pieces may be among those missing.

Of course, in this case the thieves could have also been tipped off by his 2-year, $8.8 million contract with the Knicks.  

Above, an image from Williams’ Instagram feed showing a gold and diamond Jesus necklace (photo by @dwxxiii)