Meet Nova, the New Collection by Ayva Jewelry

You may be familiar with Ayva Jewelry for its covet-worthy work with shapes and color. Designer Priyanka Kedia’s signature touch is evident in her range of pieces that are like little gemstone collages, most of them (is it too desperate if I say all of them?) long since added to my wish list of someday jewels.

I first met Kedia in 2016 and, immediately taken with her work, have been eagerly waiting to see what the designer would do next. At long last, new jewels have come.

The new collection, dubbed Nova, has been in the works for quite some time. Well thought-out and researched to incorporate the values of everyday women, it’s a collection designed to empower and inspire. “I want her [the wearer] to have this jewelry to mark an important milestone in her life—the time when she decides she will achieve her goals,” says Kedia. The collection was also created with the millennial market in mind, in hopes of attracting a new client base, both to Kedia and to the world of jewelry in general.

Kedia’s style is clearly present in this new line of work—groups of multi-shape, multicolor gemstones mingle together but not in the same way as previous creations. This one is crisper, on the minimalist side, and the sleek enamel is a new addition. It’s a fantastic new branch on the Ayva family tree, where the relation is evident, but it still has a look all its own.

Ayva Nova collection Boss ring
Boss ring in yellow gold and enamel with 0.85 ct. t.w. blue sapphire, orange sapphire, spinel, and smoky quartz, and 0.5 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,850

The jewelry that makes up Nova is acrostic—a word that I had to look up, to be honest—and which means “a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words.” In this case, the concept is interpreted to include gemstones as a representation for a series of power words. For example, items featuring the word Boss are adorned with blue sapphire, orange sapphire, spinel, and smoky quartz. Feel free to select the word that best describes you—choose from Epic, Boss, Calm, Goal, Play, Rise, Rock, or Grow—or, you can take a quiz to be fitted with one on Ayva’s website (I took the quiz—Rock and Epic are said to suit me best).

The designer was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about these new pretty styles. In her own words, this is Nova by Priyanka Kedia.

Ayva Nova Calm bracelet
Calm bracelet in yellow gold and enamel with 1.5 cts. t.w. citrine, amethyst, lavender, and morganite, $3,850
Ayva Nova Calm bracelet
The reverse of Ayva’s Calm bracelet, with enamel

JCK: This collection is a long time in the making! What went into your creative process?

Priyanka Kedia: The inspiration for this collection came from the idea of always growing as a woman—developing a sort of personal power, and knowing that if you want to make something of yourself, you have to believe in yourself. I wanted the pieces to look beautiful while feeling unique. I wanted the written power words to be hidden in the back, so the gemstones that represent them acrostically had to be specially cut. I also wanted the design to be clean and modern and something that could be worn on a daily basis.

Where did the name Nova come from?

Nova is a star that shines brighter than ever before. Sometimes, our goals involve challenges, and the road ahead can seem dim. Nova as a collection champions dreams, courage, and growth. Its ultimate purpose is to help women shine their brightest while inspiring personal change and passion-driven lives.

Ayva Grow pendant
The back side of Ayva’s Grow pendant (also pictured at top)

The collection focuses on eight power words. Which one best represents you and why?

The eight power words were selected after a lot of time spent researching and talking to women and finding words that were most commonly used. My power word is Play, which encourages us to let life play out and remember that all the dots connect in the end. I was an analyst in my previous life, so it’s been hard for me to let go of control when I have been doing the opposite for all these years. That has been the biggest hurdle I’ve had to overcome (and am still working on) since starting my own business.

Ideally, what would you like other women to gain from this collection?

Nova was designed to empower women. In conversations with women around the world, I heard stories of dreams and setbacks and about how we must learn to live through it all with intention. I came to understand that we were all so similar, no matter our location or path in life: We all struggle with obstacles and insecurities. Throughout this process, I found community. And I thought about how women might wear a Nova piece featuring their power word and know that they are never alone—there is a community of women bearing the same word, a mantra of sorts that helps them to power through. In the end, my ultimate goal is to foster a community of women who come together and realize that we are in this journey together—we are there for each other.

Ayva Rock ring
Rock ring in yellow gold with 0.85 ct. t.w. rubellite, orange sapphire, citrine, and kyanite, $2,090
Ayva Rock ring inside
The inside of Ayva’s Rock ring

There’s more pressure than ever on women to be successful and to have it all. What’s your personal definition of success, and what’s your advice to anyone struggling to define theirs?

There is definitely a lot of pressure on women to prove themselves ambitious and to have it all. It involves not only having a challenging career and being at the top of your game professionally, but it also requires being a devoted mother and ensuring your children are successful. It demands being healthy and fit, as well as staying in touch with an ever-lengthening list of professional and personal friends. It really is exhausting, and, I think, as women we are hardest on ourselves—we strive to be the best in all aspects of our lives. But real success begins by understanding what that means to you—is success is defined by you, or is it dictated by other people?

For me, I’m seeking clarity on what success means for me without the fear of what others think of me or how others define their success. I’m striving to stay on my own path to success and putting all of my energy there.

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Top: Grow pendant in yellow gold and enamel with 0.85 ct. t.w. green tourmaline, rhodolite, orange sapphire, and white topaz, and 0.5 ct. t.w. diamonds, $4,290

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