Not to Miss at JCK Tucson: The Gold Filigree Jewelry Collection From J S Noor

J S Noor tanzanite snake bracelet

The promise of a jewelry show, be it a new venture or an institution in the industry, means the discovery of new designers, companies, and looks are on the horizon. As we inch closer to the first-ever JCK Tucson show, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to learn about some of those new (or new-to-me) brands, and one of them is J S Noor. The “aha!” moment occurred when I laid eyes on the electrifying snake bracelet pictured above. I knew after that, I had to see more. The one-off piece glows with tanzanite cabochons and ruby eyes, and what’s better—it’s not one snake, but two! So imagine my excitement when I learned that a new collection was in the works at J S Noor.

J S Noor gold filigree leaf earrings

The artisan collection of filigree designs features cut-out shapes, diamonds, and black gold detailing and emphasizes matte finishes and intricate textures. I was drawn to the bubbly aesthetic as it was, and then I learned that each of those circles is individually made by hand and then assembled to create the final shapes. By hand! Each piece takes about three days to make, and the end result I’d say, is worth the wait. The collection is lightweight, too, so customers can wear with comfort and ease. Do I sound excited about this? I am.

J S Noor gold filigree pendant

“Good frozen yogurt can come from a machine, great jewelry cannot.” Shah Noor, creative director, J S Noor

J S Noor gold filgiree earrings

Inspired by 20th-century Indo-European jewelry—the stuff the kings and queens of India were rich with—J S Noor combines traditional Indian jewelry making with the visual influences of the West, resulting in a vintage-yet-modern aesthetic. The looks are timeless but with playful twists, plenty of detail, and in some cases, pops of color, but all are focused on intimate craftsmanship.

If you’re traveling to Tucson this February, make it a point to stop by J S Noor’s booth for a closeup look at the designs.

See this and other collections from J S Noor on JCK Marketplace.

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