North Carolina Jeweler Charged With Precious Metal Violations

A North Carolina jeweler arrested for allegedly failing to follow the state’s precious metal laws now has to contend with a variety of other charges.

Philip Bruce Razor, 53, owner of the North Carolina Gold and Diamond Exchange in Statesville. N.C., has been charged with failing to obtain identification upon purchasing precious metals, as well as possession of stolen firearms, trafficking in schedule IV controlled substances, possession of schedule II and IV controlled substances, conspiracy to commit breaking and entering, possession of a weapon of mass destruction, and trafficking in fraudulent identifications, according to the website of the local Sheriff’s department.

After receiving information that Razor’s shop was allegedly receiving stolen property, detectives conducted several undercover operations. The detectives charge that the jeweler did not comply with North Carolina state law regarding precious metal purchases, which require obtaining IDs from sellers and forwarding the information to law enforcement.   

Deputies then obtained a search warrant for the store, which allegedly uncovered stolen firearms, pills Razor did not have a prescription for, and property which had been taken in residential breaking and entering cases.

Razor told a local newspaper that he was not guilty of the charges. “Maybe there was some ignorance on my part,” he added. “Maybe there was some ignorance on their part, but I think it will all come out as a misunderstanding.”

He flatly denied he had ever dealt with stolen jewelry or weapons. “Firearms are a big hot-button today and I’m sure this has a lot to do with what is going on,” he told the station.

JCK News Director