No Small Thing: Lab Reports Lab-Grown Single-Cut Diamonds

The New York City branch of the Diamond Services laboratory recently identified as synthetic multiple single-cut diamonds, ranging from a quarter point to a half point (0.0025-0.005 carats), set in a piece of jewelry.

Single-cut diamonds generally have 16 to 18 facets, compared to the standard 57 to 58–facet round brilliant. Many smaller stones are polished as single-cuts.

“To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that a synthetic single-cut stone has been detected mounted in jewelry,” said Joseph Kuzi, Diamond Services founder and managing director, in a statement. “What this means is that almost no diamond can be taken at face value.”

Kuzi added that, with CVD-grown diamonds increasingly being used for industrial purposes, some of the waste from these factories might be ending up as small single-cut diamonds set in jewelry.

The diamonds were contained in an item submitted for testing. After some stones were flagged as possibly synthetic, they were sent to the lab’s Hong Kong facility. De Beers’ Diamondview and Diamond Services’ Mini Raman Spectrometer positively identified them as man-made.

Under the Federal Trade Commission Guides, lab-grown diamonds have to be disclosed.

(Image from Diamond Services)



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